Teaching with Novels

The following two pages are found in all of my units. I thought I would end them to the end of this post to show you the evolution of how I have changed as a teacher and as a teacher who teaches with novels. 

Some people have asked about how I do vocabulary and more information on The Socratic Seminar. This is how our pages looked in my 6th grade classroom. Post on vocabulary and seminars are coming soon! I promise! 

Picture of my Socratic seminars. They talk, I write. That's seriously it! 

Thank you so much for sticking with me! 


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  1. I LOVE your resources, but I have a question. I teach ELA (not reading) to students with language-based disabilities in grades 6, 7 and 8 (class size 6-12). I see them every day on a 6-day cycle, with 5 days having periods that are 40 minutes long and one day 70 minutes long. I'm brand new (3 weeks) to the subject and grade-level. Do you think your units would "fit" time-wise and area-wise (as I'm not the reading teacher) for my students? Also, would I need to have individual copies of the books for the students? Thank you!! :)