During my short teaching career (5 years), I have never stayed in one place too long. 

I am currently teaching 7th and 8th grade ELA in Pueblo West, CO.
I NEVER thought I would teach middle school, but I kind of sort of really like it.

Before that, I spent one short and sweet year teaching 6th grade ELA and STEM in Pueblo, CO. I kind of sort really loved that too.

Before that, I taught 5th grade in Grand Junction, CO for two years. Again, it was pretty wonderful. I honestly never thought I would leave, but life has a way of making these decision for you, and none of my teaching positions have disappointed.

I am originally from the beautiful mountain town of Salida, Colorado.

This is the view from my parent's house in Salida. Seriously!

I went to college at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

I married my husband, Richie, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
We have been together for…. well… forever.  

I think he is just ridiculously cute.

We have a CRAZY weimarainer-lab dog, Bodie. We adopted him when he was five.
The crazier he gets, the more we love him. 

I have three younger siblings, who are the coolest people I know.
We have so much fun together, especially now that we don't live together :).

       Mackenzie, Me, Mariah, and Nico

And probably the biggest and best change in my life in these last 6 years... We had a little boy, Duke. He's legit the best thing in the world. He makes me want to only have him but also want ten more of him. 

I LOVE teaching upper elementary and middle school. It's almost ridiculous that I get paid to do it… almost :). 


  1. Hi there! I found your resources on TPT and they look great! I'm trying to figure out what my year will look like next year (6th grade Lit.) I'll be a first year teacher and am looking for a literature based approach. I also live in CO and my boyfriend is from GJ.

    I saw that you had a blog and wanted to say thanks for all of the resources! It's great! I'll be checking it frequently for ideas:) I have a blog as well, and would love your follow.

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  3. Hello!! i am digging all of your resources and blog!! its so helpful. I have an interview for a 5th grade reading position and after looking at your resources, i really want the job. Im looking into the 5th grade reading bundle!! i LOVE that you teach with novels! its so wonderful! Im curious what your day looks like? im assuming review with the Deal or No deal game, Teach your bundle units, then end your class with book clubs? Is that how a day would look? I would love to chat. My email is Thank you

  4. I recently purchased your literature reading unit and the 5th grade growing bundle. I have really enjoyed the literature reading unit and so have my students. I have a few questions as I plan to start my first novel unit. Do you have an email address I can reach you at?

  5. I have some questions on the reading unit bundle. Could I please contact you by email? My email address is