Let's Make a Deal for Test Prep Review

Hi friends!

So years ago, my wonderful mentor teacher Kelly Anne ( introduced me to TeachersPayTeachers. The VERY first thing I put up was a Let's Make a Deal/Mystery Envelope style review game for 5th grade test review. I soon added the same type of game for 5th grade math.

Since then, I have created math games for grades 4th-6th and ELA games for grades 4th-8th as well.

These review games are ALWAYS one of the most memorable things we do each year in my class and it still one of my best selling resources.

Book Clubs in the Middle School ELA Classroom

I recently posted about book clubs in my classroom and I have gotten tons of questions about how I run them on both of my posts.

I am going to try and answer them all here.

First and foremost, I try to make Book Clubs and simple as humanly possible. I used to be MUCH more involved in the book clubs when I taught fifth grade, but I only had 24 students then, and I had them all day long... and well, they were in fifth grade. I used the book clubs to support them and teach them as readers.

Now that I have progressed to seventh and eighth grade English, my procedures and management have most definitely changed.