Read Aloud Books for Grade 4th-8th

Hey friends!

So I LOVE books and over the last 3-4 years of teaching, I have started to kind of put books into categories based on what I feel or think as I am reading, and always take this into consideration when I pick a read aloud or create a reading unit. I still believe that students will usually LOVE the books we love, but I also know that I love books from a bunch of different genres and this can depend on grade levels.

These are some of my favorites, based on grade levels and category. No reading levels though, because I am a die-hard level rebel :).

Hope you found some new books to inspire you. Last summer, I also made the FREE reading recommendations lists. TONS of books to help find books for your students based on their interests. Again, no levels, because that's not my thing, but it's a great reference tool. Just click the image to download this freebie :). 


  1. This is a terrific, extensive list! Thanks for all the category breakdowns, too!

  2. This is an awesome resource for read aloud books. Thank you for the great ideas!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ground work you have done here.. I am a new teacher for a combo 6/7/8 class and will be making these over the next couple days. I downloaded it on TPT but I was wondering if you had a printable for the tabs or how you did the tabs. Being a mom of 5, time is precious and it's worth a few bucks to find the quicker easier way.. ;)

  4. How long do you plan for Wonder as a read aloud? 3-4 weeks? Do you read everyday? How long everyday?
    I always feel like my read along drag for too long... but then again our days are so full!!!
    Thank you for your comments and input.