Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner

Hi friends,

I just got my Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner and thought I would share it with you :).

This is actually my 5th teacher planner and I feel like they get better every year. I still use an Erin Condren Life Planner for my "life," and a variety of checklists and other planning pages, but my lesson planner is basically my snapshot for the week, and I reference it all week long.

Pretty packaging as always :)

I basically ordered EVERYTHING possible so this was what my package looked like when I opened the wrapping and bubble wrap.

So my husband thinks I'm absolutely ridiculous but I HAD to have the Teacher Planner carrying case. When I first saw the previews of planners and cases, I basically knew I wanted this one because of the font. 

Even the back of the case is pretty :)

One time I didn't order the notepads that matched and I immediately regretted it. I use my Erin Condren Notepads all the time and I LOVE that you can choose whether or not you want lines now. 

I didn't like their previous pens, but these ones seemed more my type of pen. They still aren't as smooth as I would like, but I love these SO MUCH more than the old ones. 

I really love that each pen has an inspirational word on the lids. 

This might be my favorite planner ever. I love the apple/heart image, the font, and the simplicity of it. I am also RIDICULOUSLY excited for my new school, so I couldn't wait to put the name on my planner. 

Again, the back is just as beautiful as the front. 

 This is the pouch that always comes with the planners. Lots of goodies in it if you've never gotten a panner before. 

Now I will just show you what the inside pages look like :). 

This is the front. The front cover can be used with dry erase markers now. 

Next pages... again LOVE the fonts aggghhhhh

I am teaching 6th-8th grade next year and I actually want to keep track of birthdays and do something small for each kid {because birthdays are the best} so I plan to use this for once! 

I don't usually use these pages for absences but I usually find a way to use it.

I always use these pages for seating charts. 

Again, I think I will use these more than ever because I am teaching 6th-8th and I will have to cycle my curriculum {and not teach the same things three years in a row ha!--- something new for me, that I am really going to have to think about}

This is the notes and quote page right before July's monthly calendar. There are two more pages for notes each month, a quote, and different color scheme, each month as well. 

The July monthly calendar.

These pages make the bulk of the planner. You get about 40 weeks of these pages for lesson plans. I use these pages every week for my snapshot overview. At the beginning of the year, it's mostly just a reminder for me. By the middle of the year I use these pages for all of my planning. 

This is mostly because I have switched grades and/or schools each year. When I taught the same grade two years in a row, I was able to use this the whole year for my lesson plans. 

I usually divide by subjects, but next year, I will divide it by class periods because I am going to a middle school setting. 

I use these randomly throughout the year, but I love the option of having them for when I need to track stuff about my students. 

The stickers this year are so cute and I LOVE the colors. They also have blank ones for you to write on. 

These are the pockets found at the end of the planner and since I am stuffy mcstufferson, they work great for when I need to just stuff papers in my planner.

I think this one is soooooooo pretty... 

Everything fits perfects in the pouch. I literally plan on carrying it everywhere #sorrynotsorry

Lastly, I got one of their teacher t-shirts because #noselfcontrol.