November Tips and Tricks

Hi friends,

My super duper favoriter person (Kelly Anne) and I are doing a blog hop for November in the teaching world. Even the better, the super duper adorable Miss L's Busy Bees is joining us too. Seriously…. they both are the most adorable people ever and I don't throw that word around often. Actually… I do, but I super duper mean it about them.

Make sure to head over to Appleslices for a chance to enter our giveaway for prized. Be on the lookout for our other posts and on instagram for an extra bonus prize.

Our first post is about tips for making it through November… I'm not sure I am really surviving by most definitions of the word, but I am going to share how I don't completely drive my husband crazy during this time of the year.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see more of you around these parts. And seriously click on the buttons below. It takes me forever to make the links (seriously) so please click on them :). Also, have I mentioned how adorable these other two are… well they are…. click on it my wonderful friend. 

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