Stitch Fix #17... It's a good one

Hi friends,

I just got my most recent Stitchfix and I loved almost everything. I sent a message to the stylists saying that I was going to California next week, and that I would love some clothes to wear while I was there. I loved all 3 dresses in the pictures and was soooo excited to try them on. 

Papermoon Brayson Dress: $64.00
I basically knew I was keeping this before I even tried it on. I love this style and fit of dress.  

Pixley Mirin Dress: $68.00
I also knew I loved this dress when I saw it in the box too. I tried it on with my black cardigan for a teacher outfit.  I think I already want to wear this outfit for our open house this year. 

Loveappella Dixie Crochet Sleeve Dress: $78.00
I will be honest and say that this was my favorite dress in the picture card, but when I tried it on I felt like I was going to da club haha. But seriously.... the open sleeves were just not my thing and it was a little tighter than I would like.

Fun2Fun Torrance Lace Detailed Sleeveless Blouse: $38.00
I love all the details on the shirts they send me. I liked this one with jeans, but I also think it will look great with leggings and boots too. 

Pixley Curran Split Neck Blouse: $44.00
I basically tried this on for you all. I didn't really like it in the box, and I didn't like it when I tried it on either. 

So what's the damage....

KEEP:          Papermoon Brayson Dress: $64.00
KEEP:          Pixley Mirin Dress: $68.00
RETURN:    Loveappella Dixie Crochet Sleeve Dress: $78.00
KEEP:          Fun2Fun Torrance Lace Detailed Sleeveless Blouse: $38.00
RETURN:    Pixley Curran Split Neck Blouse: $44.00

If you want to try stitchfix (you know you want to).... click here to check it out. You can sign up and set up your account without committing to payment or a fix, if you are still hesitant. It is seriously my favorite thing every single month. You honestly won't regret it.



  1. Cute Fix! The first two dresses are just adorable. Is the Pixley blouse black or navy? I'm receiving it in my next Fix, and can't tell. Thanks!

  2. They must pay teachers very well where you are. A dress that's $78 and a top for $38? That seems outrageous to me.