Mindsets in the Classroom Chapter 1

Hi friends, 

I was so excited when I saw this book study link up. We received this book for professional development next year and my teaching partner is always taking about the growth mindset. When I saw their image, I knew I had to do it. I think some of my teaching buddies that I work with are going to link up too! 

I have only read one chapter (it's an easy read) and I am already inspired and excited to see what's up next. If you have a sec, check it out, or even better link up over at HelloSunshineTeachers. 

They have this great graphic organizer already done for you and these are my take aways from chapter one. 

I can't wait to dig into this book more.

Happy Thursday!




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    1. Of course! Thanks for this great book study and link up!

  2. I love how this book has changed my view/definition of the word potential! Can't wait to keep reading!

    1. Me too. My teaching buddy is reading it with me and she picked out that same quote too!

  3. Thanks for linking up with us! I love the quote you highlighted in the "Chapter Highlights" box about taking a step back. I always feel like we are pressured to shove too much information in a shorter period of time... when sometimes, our kids aren't ready to move on! I'm excited to keep reading, too! :)

    Caitlin O'Bannon
    The Kinder Garden

    1. I know! Stepping back is so hard for me. I was just at a professional development class and the presenter was talking about how we view writing as evolutionary with our students, but he went on to say that we should have this same viewpoint with all subjects. This book is aligning perfectly with that mindset.