FREEBIE! Book Recommendation Lists for Middle Grades

Hi friends,

I have a freebie that took me for-ev-er to make. I wanted to make a list to help my students and I get new books to read when they need recommendations. The lists are divided into areas of interest, i.e., "Books Boys Love," "Funny Books," "Short, but great Books," etc. We all know how important it is to keep books of interest in students' hand and I hope these lists help you do just that.

Here are the lists. You can select any picture to download this from TPT for free!

Short, but great, books, middle school book recommendations, young adult book recommendations,, inspirational book recommendations, animal book recommendations, books about acceptance recommendations, funny book recommendations, fantasy book recommendations, graphic novel recommendations, realistic fiction book recommendations, historical fiction book recommendations, award winning book recommendations, science fiction book recommendations, book written in verse recommendations, poetry book recommendations, books that girls love recommendations, books with strong female characters recommendations, books about sports recommendations, books boys love recommendations, books that are a little dark recommendations, series books recommendations, nonfiction book recommendations. 


  1. This is a fabulous resource! Thank you so much for putting it together. I appreciate it!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. This is cool.Most of these books I read in elementary school(I am in 7th now) now looking back it makes me relize how advanced I was and how much of an advantage I got by living next to the library!I am happy that something like this is avalible to not only me but to a whole world.I should probably crack open a few old books of mine.

  3. Thanks so much. I am a librarian. This will be great for my kids to look at. Also, a challenge to see how many they read on the list.

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