Stitch Fix #17... It's a good one

Hi friends,

I just got my most recent Stitchfix and I loved almost everything. I sent a message to the stylists saying that I was going to California next week, and that I would love some clothes to wear while I was there. I loved all 3 dresses in the pictures and was soooo excited to try them on. 

Papermoon Brayson Dress: $64.00
I basically knew I was keeping this before I even tried it on. I love this style and fit of dress.  

Pixley Mirin Dress: $68.00
I also knew I loved this dress when I saw it in the box too. I tried it on with my black cardigan for a teacher outfit.  I think I already want to wear this outfit for our open house this year. 

Loveappella Dixie Crochet Sleeve Dress: $78.00
I will be honest and say that this was my favorite dress in the picture card, but when I tried it on I felt like I was going to da club haha. But seriously.... the open sleeves were just not my thing and it was a little tighter than I would like.

Fun2Fun Torrance Lace Detailed Sleeveless Blouse: $38.00
I love all the details on the shirts they send me. I liked this one with jeans, but I also think it will look great with leggings and boots too. 

Pixley Curran Split Neck Blouse: $44.00
I basically tried this on for you all. I didn't really like it in the box, and I didn't like it when I tried it on either. 

So what's the damage....

KEEP:          Papermoon Brayson Dress: $64.00
KEEP:          Pixley Mirin Dress: $68.00
RETURN:    Loveappella Dixie Crochet Sleeve Dress: $78.00
KEEP:          Fun2Fun Torrance Lace Detailed Sleeveless Blouse: $38.00
RETURN:    Pixley Curran Split Neck Blouse: $44.00

If you want to try stitchfix (you know you want to).... click here to check it out. You can sign up and set up your account without committing to payment or a fix, if you are still hesitant. It is seriously my favorite thing every single month. You honestly won't regret it.


5th Grade Pacing Guide

Hi friends,

I posted a picture of me working on my pacing guide and some of you asked me to share. Here are the images of the pacing guide. Click here to access all the downloadable templates and guides. There are a lot of options for you to choose from and they are a lot  crisper and clearer than the images below (sorry about that... I do not know how to fix that issue yet :). 

There are just for you to see as a reference, but click on any of them to go to the downloadable options for you to choose from to get a better look. 

You will need the following fonts if you want to be able to utilize the editable documents:

KG Shake it off
KG Chelsea Market Script
KG Wake Me Up

Hey it's OK......

One of my favorite columns in Glamour magazine is their "Hey it's ok" piece every month. While blowdrying my hair this morning, I decided to do a teacher version...

Hey it's OK....

to be in bed by 9:00 8:00 every night...

to just cut out the pieces yourself...

to consider Clorox wiping everything down a "deep clean"

to say "no"

to have Diary of a Wimpy Kid partially memorized. I don't care what anyone says, Jeff Kinney is some kind of literary genius. #sorrynotsorry

to want Starbucks gift cards any chance you might get a teacher gift... It's 90% of your diet anyway. A woman's got to eat drink right?

to never get your water intake... seriously, who has time to go to the bathroom?

to have to teach yourself the math you are about to teach...

to eat chocolate and popcorn with as your lunch everyday...

if your version of cleaning is "piles"

to still not know what all those acronyms stand for...

to get outfit ideas from that really fashionable 7-year-old...

to have more overdue library books than all your students... combined... they know where to find you...

to own 284 pairs of shoes, and still wear the same comfortable ones

to either have a clean classroom OR a clean house... who needs both?

to pass on the blue or orange or purple cupcake, but to make a promise to yourself to never pass up an opportunity to eat the chocolate sprinkle donut any time it makes an appearance in your classroom. It's all about balance right?

to make mistakes. just forgive yourself now. you have about 9,492,371 to make, and you will learn from of them.

Muah! my wonderful teachers...


Mindsets in the Classroom Chapter 3

Hi friends,

Heather and I are here with chapter 3 of Mindsets in the Classroom. We both picked out how previewing material is important before pre-assessments and how we have to be flexible with our groups.

I love how Heather and I are both picking out really similar points, but we teach 5th and kindergarten. It just shows how amazing the growth mindset can be for 5 year olds all the way up to 10 and 11 year olds.

My notes are first, followed by Heather's.

Head on over the HelloSunshineTeachers blog to see what others have to say about this book.

Mindets in the Classroom: Chapter 2 (and 1)

Hi friends,

I (actually we) are back with chapters 1 and 2 of our book study with HelloSunshineTeachers.  This book is totally changing how I think about teaching, how I communicate with students, and what I think about intelligence.

Even better, my wonderful teaching buddy, Heather is linking up her notes with me! You get a two for one! She doesn't have a blog yet (I'm working on it), but you can check her out on instagram at Sugarcoatedteaching.  She's an adorable kinder teacher.

Her and I picked out the same exact quote about potential and didn't even talk beforehand. Love it! :)

Her notes are first and then mine.

If you have a hot sec, check it out.... If you have a couple hot secs, head over to the HelloSunshineTeachers blog for the link up.

FREEBIE! Book Recommendation Lists for Middle Grades

Hi friends,

I have a freebie that took me for-ev-er to make. I wanted to make a list to help my students and I get new books to read when they need recommendations. The lists are divided into areas of interest, i.e., "Books Boys Love," "Funny Books," "Short, but great Books," etc. We all know how important it is to keep books of interest in students' hand and I hope these lists help you do just that.

Here are the lists. You can select any picture to download this from TPT for free!

Short, but great, books, middle school book recommendations, young adult book recommendations,, inspirational book recommendations, animal book recommendations, books about acceptance recommendations, funny book recommendations, fantasy book recommendations, graphic novel recommendations, realistic fiction book recommendations, historical fiction book recommendations, award winning book recommendations, science fiction book recommendations, book written in verse recommendations, poetry book recommendations, books that girls love recommendations, books with strong female characters recommendations, books about sports recommendations, books boys love recommendations, books that are a little dark recommendations, series books recommendations, nonfiction book recommendations. 

Mindsets in the Classroom Chapter 1

Hi friends, 

I was so excited when I saw this book study link up. We received this book for professional development next year and my teaching partner is always taking about the growth mindset. When I saw their image, I knew I had to do it. I think some of my teaching buddies that I work with are going to link up too! 

I have only read one chapter (it's an easy read) and I am already inspired and excited to see what's up next. If you have a sec, check it out, or even better link up over at HelloSunshineTeachers. 

They have this great graphic organizer already done for you and these are my take aways from chapter one. 

I can't wait to dig into this book more.

Happy Thursday!



June Currently.... It's summmmmmeeeerrrrrrrr :)

Listening... I think this is the first time I have ever been listening to music. I usually listen to the t.v.... but I am obsessed with this song. 

Loving.... I  just worked on some quotes posters with a bunch of mixed fonts and now I am obsessed with it. 

Thinking.... I just took the most amazing class all about fractions. I wish every 3rd-6th grade teacher could take it. It was seriously mind blowing and I'm so excited to take what I have learned back to school next year. 

Wanting... I have a serious shopping problem... and the down time in summer doesn't help this problem. Trying to stay strong. 

Needing....  I took the leap and decided to apply to graduate school and this personal letter is haunting me.... I know why I want to do it, but I am strugg-l-ing to write it into words. 

Summer Loving... My husband and I are pumped to be going to California this summer. We never took a honeymoon (three years ago).  We go to Las Vegas all the time, but we are excited to just go and chill on vacation... 



#2getherwearebetter Home Office Space

Hi friends, 

I love seeing where everyone does all their amazing work during the summer, so I REALLY love this link up from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners. Now, I don't have an actual office... but I will get to that in a second.  

So this is my "office." It is behind the couch in our living room. If I am being honest, we have an "office space in our house, but my husband says he likes to see me, and I don't really love the idea of being in a "back room" away from civilization.... or television (that's probably the real reason).

The computer was my husbands, before I started this whole adventure, but I can't remember the last time he was on it... and now he has to ask me for help when he uses it :). 

This is what my desk typically looks like... but usually a lot more stuff, and I had recently combined all my sticky notes :).

This was in my classroom the last two years. My BFF Kelly left me the shelves when she moved (waaahhhh). I would keep it in my home if I wasn't so obsessed with using it in my classroom. The pen holder is from Michaels. 

My new planner from Little Lovely Leaders. She, nor her products, couldn't be any cuter.