Harry Potter Giveaway

I have been thinking Harry Potter non-stop and I have wanted to do a fun giveaway with a Harry Potter theme... of course. So here it is!

The winner of this giveaway will get a book club set of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (that's 6 books!), a hard copy of my Harry Potter unit, and a hard copy of my four Harry Potter quote posters.

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Harry Potter Quote Posters Freebie

Hi friends,

I got super inspired this weekend and made some Harry Potter quote posters to hang in my classroom this year. Here is a quick look and they are a freebie in my store.

Just click on the pictures to snag them :).

Harry Potter Part 2 (Movie Night, Treats, and an Awesome Mom)

I think I could spend my whole blogging life talking about Harry Potter. 

If you have been living under a rock, or are in some unrelenting denial, or something even crazier, and still haven't read them yet, I am going to ask you to stop reading my post and go read the books and then come back. 

I know it might take a while, and you will probably forget about this post, because J.K. Rowling is a literary genius… and I am… well…. not, but that's a risk I am willing to take. 

If you have read the books, or didn't listen to my previous advice (seriously go read them first) then read along about what my AMAZING mom (if you're reading this…. love you mom!) and I did to create a Harry Potter movie night. 

My fifth graders and I had just finished our Harry Potter unit, and my kids had earned a movie night for working so hard on testing. My mom and I had talked about combining the two ideas and so we went for it. 

She recently went to Harry Potter World (without me….waaaahhhhh) and she was determined to make Butter Beer like she had there. 

The container has cream soda with imitation butter flavoring (who knew?…. but that makes the difference). She then got cool whip, butterscotch topping, and more imitation butter flavoring and combined them and put them into squirt bottles. We then squirted the cream mixture on top of the drink and the kids loved it!

We bought lemon drops and peppermints for lemon drops and peppermint humbugs. I also made chocolate frogs with a mold I bough on Amazon. You can find it here.  

I made banana bread because my students love it! I just used a banana bread recipe from food and called it Bertie Bott's Banana Bread.

My mom made the Ollivander's Wands by dipping pretzel rods in white chocolate. 

I made Cockroach Clusters by just making rice krispie treats. I saw some people have put pecans on their treats to make them look more like cockroaches, but…. um… pecans are expensive…. 

Lastly, we made Platform 9 3/4 Popcorn :). 

We started the movie at 6:15pm (on a school night EEEEK) and we finished about 9:00pm. I couldn't have done it all without my mom, but the kids loved it… so it was all worth it. 

You can get these Harry Potter food tag decorations by clicking here. They are now part of my Harry Potter freebies back :). 

Here are some other pictures of decorations I used in my classroom for the start of the unit.

Click here to read my previous post about all I did to get my kids excited about Harry Potter. 

Happy Weekend! 



May Currently

Listening: It is so stinkin' hot in Grand Junction at this time of year. Sometimes I honestly don't feel like I can even call myself a Colorado girl anymore, because Grand Junctions is like a whole different planet with how hot it is. 

Loving: I went to two of those painting and drinking classes this week. I went to date night with my husband and a teaching one with my two favorite teaching friends. I'm addicted. #sorrynotsorry

Thinking: I honestly always forget how crazy the end of the year is, even though everyone talks about it nonstop. We have so much to do. Testing, Celebration of Learning, Art Show, Music Programs, Movie Night, Water Festival, Pool Day, Field Day… well there goes May…

Wanting: We have been reading Harry Potter for our reading unit right now, and I just become so enamored in the whole thing. Every time I read or watch Harry Potter, I can't help but to just want to be  Hermione. 

Needing: I seriously feel like I always needs to tennis shoes… probably because I wait until they are completely destroyed…

Summer: I'm going to Vegas twice (for sure) this year, but maybe more. It might be my favorite thing about living in Grand Junction…. it's only about a 6-7 hour drive or 45 minute flight. Even better I will be reunited with my BFF Kelly Anne (appleslices) at the TPT conference, and I can finally stop staring at my new business cards obsessively…. hopefully. 

I went to Seattle last summer and really want to go again. 

I usually do summer school, but we are in the process of building a new school, so we won't have a building this summer. I will officially have my whole summer free and I hope that I can find the motivation to work on my TeachersPayTeachers list nonstop. Fingers crossed. 

Now I'm headed over to see what you all are currently doing :).