March Currently

My husband should have been born in Boston. He is obsessed with anything Red Sox. 

Channel 85 at the gym. I seriously used to have to drag myself to the gym to run. Now I am going 6 days a week just to watch channel 85 on the little tv's. They play cartoon movies! I watched The Incredibles today and ran forever. 

I just had an extra 30 minutes open up in my teaching day and I decided to teach Spanish! Did I mention that I don't speak Spanish? I took four years in high school and a few semesters in college…. I'll figure it out. I am ridiculously excited though! Like seriously giddy. 

I seriously want frozen yogurt (with lots of trix cereal and chocolate chips) every day. 

Have you heard about NaNoWriMo?! It's so amazing. Students write a novel in a month. It is my favorite thing we do all year! 

Spring Break….
If there is a job of professional reader, I would like to know about it. I have a stack ready to go for spring break. 

Happy Sunday and March!