Visual Plans

I have wanted to do these visual plans since I started seeing them on blogs and instagram. They are just so beautiful and a nice glance at the week ahead.

I was truly blown away by how much I rely on TeachersPayTeachers resources to do…well… everything. I knew I loved TeachersPayTeachers, but I never realized how much. What did teachers do before it?

We are working on measurement during our morning math. Testing is just around the corner and we rarely have time to actually get into an in-depth measurement unit, so I learned to sneak it in all year long. I am using Teaching to Inspire in 5th's Volume of the Day and Teaching with a Mountain View's (Love that she's from Colorado! :) measurement conversion task cards.

We are going to use a bunch of different resources (I'm obsessed with Teaching to Inspire in 5th and Young Teacher Love for all things math) to review fractions before our test on Thursday.

Lovin Lit and Chalk and Apples have changed my life during my language block. My kids actually understand and use correct grammar and vocabulary has become a favorite part of the week.

I use a Socratic Seminar model for reading. Changed.My.Life! We are almost done with Ungifted and I hope to post the unit this week :).

I also still do book clubs and guided reading during our Daily 5 rounds.

Um… if you don't have Appleslices writing units, you should probably just go buy them now so you can actually get your weekends back. Her units will change your life.

We are doing our life systems unit now. Life science is my favorite thing ever! This thing is a beast of a project I have been working on for the last year. Maybe someday it will get posted…. one can dream…



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