19 things I'm doing instead of lesson planning

1. writing this blog post…. you know… because I blog super consistently #sarcasm

2. finishing my third Jodi Picoult book in 4 days… I mean they're only 400 pages each… and her books aren't that interesting #sarcasm #Ishouldputsarcasmaftereverythingisay

3. grading… because the only time I grade is when I have other stuff to do…. obviously. 

4. watching football with my husband… I don't even know who's playing, but I need to support my husband's interests

5. baking a third batch of cookies… I mean, what's another 5 pounds.

6. staring at the Christmas tree… that probably needs to be taken down… but I should lesson plan first… haha 

7. laundry 

8. still typing this blog post

9. making a shopping list for next week…. you can never be too prepared

10. thinking about which order I should spend my Christmas gift cards. 

11. watching Taylor Swift videos… she needs more views anyway. 

12. watching The Golden Girls. "ihaveeveryepisodememorized…. but I need to make sure I didn't miss anything over the years. 

13. refreshing my instagram feed every 18 seconds… you know… in case anything has changed since then… #dontjudgeme

14. watching the haunted house episodes of the Ellen Show on YouTube. You WILL laugh until you cry… in case you need other stuff to distract you as well.

15. hypothetically decorating my house

16. checking instagram again

17. just checked Facebook

18. cleaning out our junk drawer. there's no time like the present 

19. a puzzle. 

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