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Hi friends,

I blogged about my Stitch Fix one other time, mostly because I am a Nosy Rosie and I always want to see what others are getting. I figure if I keep posting mine, you will keep posting yours :). So here it goes:

Duran Mixed Material Leopard Print Top

This is the first shirt in my fix. I actually wore it yesterday and that's what this picture is from. It is gray with a leopard print pocket on front and and a leopard print back… My husband said, and I quote, "Well, you're keeping that." Win!

Praxton Pleat Detail Split Neck Blouse.

This was the second item. It was cute, but not super flattering. I am sending this one back.

Adal Ribbed Knit Cardigan

I will be honest and say I didn't even know what this thing was when I got it out of the box. Again, not flattering or something that I had to have, so I am sending this one back too.

This is where it got tough for me to decide. I specifically asked Stitch Fix to send me dresses (specifically shirt dresses) because I wear them ALL the time at work. They sent both of these, and I couldn't decide if I wanted one, both, or neither.

Kerrigan Printed Abstract Stripe Tie Waist Sheath Dress.

I really didn't like this when I saw it in the box, but when I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised. My husband liked it too. As of this post, I was still deciding :).

Teagen Colorblock Button Down Dress.

This dress is more my style, and something I think I would try on if I saw it on the store. My husband doesn't like me to spend all of our money on clothes, so I try to not buy everything I like. So at the time of this post, I was still deciding between the dresses :).

Feel free to help me make a decision because I sure can't! 

Happy Sunday,


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