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Hi friends,

I am finally back into the blogging groove and I wanted to share my classroom. This is actually my third year in this room, because I student taught in this very classroom, and now I'm starting my second year of teaching here.

I am pretty much in love, and if you're ready for an obscene amount of pictures then you are at the right place :).

Here are some of the images of the front of the room:

I finally found a permanent place for my projector after the fire marshal made us take them down from our ceilings, so it's no longer the elephant in the room…literally and figuratively. That thing was obnoxious at the front of the room.

My clip chart on the left side of the picture is Harry Potter themed and you can find it here. 

I made my own word wall letters because I wanted more neutral colors and I really wanted circular ones altering seeing The Brown Bag Teacher's. You can find mine by clicking here.

This is the front of the room with my homework board, jobs, and morning math board (which is one of my all time favorite things ever). The kit is called Every day Math Counts and it's a great way to review math standards in 5-10 minutes every day.

Here is a close up of my morning math board:

Here is a picture of my favorite part of my room. My classroom library: 

I spent a lot of time and money on this, but I don't think I have ever done anything that was more worth it than this. My students LOVE it, are reading like you wouldn't believe, and the middle school English teacher has started asking if she can send middle school students to check out books from me. Talk about the highest form of book flattery ever!!! I also love that my book bin labels are neutral colors. If neutral is your style, then you can get them here. 

These are my listening center kits I set up after an entire school year and summer thinking about doing this. My mom is the and donated three of the iPods to my classroom. 

Here are some pictures from when you walk into the classroom: 

I begged to have the tables back, that were in the room while I student taught, after a very long year with desks. If you ever have the space and/or option then get tables. I can't even explain how much better tables are compared to desks. I have even read research (teaching and dining related) about how circle tables contribute to positive conversations and communities. That's why many Italian restaurants have large circular dining tables. The Italian girl in me couldn't argue with that logic.

Here is a close-up of the table caddies on their desks. It has all their markers, colored pencils, and crayons. They also have these awesome dictionaries and thesauri that I found in the dollar bins and Target. Now that school has started, their glue, scissors, and a few writing utensils have made their way to the cubbies as well.

This is my computer wall with two of my bulletin boards. I have four computers and then those bulletin boards will be used for math, writing, and science/social studies. 

These are some pictures of the other side of my room. The chalkboard eventually became my "Facebook" board (my adaptation of the cafe board) and then my interactive language bulletin board. 

My teacher desk and group table. I simply don't have the space for a desk, and my mentor teacher got rid of hers when I student taught with her, and I have never felt the need for one. I love this space in my room and I love all my beautiful binders from Target. I keep everything I use in them.

This is my math bookshelf. This holds most of my math manipulatives and resources, along with some extra math games for students to play. 

 These are my students mailboxes with all my other math games I have made from the Investigations curriculum. I finally have started using the games all the time so I love having them for easy access at all times.

The mailboxes are where my paper helpers return all the graded work for students to take home at the end of each day. I numbered them using binder clips and some stickers that I wrote their student numbers on.

Well, I think I covered it all. I love my room soooooooo much and I may or may not have the most wonderful class ever this year.

But more about that later…


Mrs. Cahill

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  1. I have rectangular tables in my classroom, but the challenge is where to put the students' notebooks etc when they are sitting at their tables. Where do your students keep their things when working at their tables? Thanks in advance!