April Currently..... What?!!

I cannot believe it's already April! As a first year teacher, it might come with a great sense of relief. I can almost say I am done with my first year of teaching! Whoop whoop!

I always just blab until I finally get to the point, so I will just get to the point :)

Listening... to silence. I am on spring break, my husband is gone, and I have done nothing but read. Super unproductive.... but I.can't.stop.

Loving... spring break. Need I say more?!

Thinking.... I might be crazy. I have read all three of the Divergent book in the last three days. Again... I.can't.stop.

Wanting.... Testing to be over. We took 9 of 12 our state tests about three weeks ago, but we still have three more science tests. On the computer. For the first time. One week after spring break. Please just be done!

Needing... to blog more. I have so much to blog about... the only thing I have been lacking is time... or maybe motivation... or more excuses. Consider this my vow to blog more.

Hours and last day... 8:00-3:40. Our days are a little longer, but we are only a four day school week. I love it.

That's all friends.

Hopefully I will blog more once I stop reading :).


Mrs. Cahill