January Currently

Oh my Lord! It's a Christmas miracle.... I actually blogged.
It feels like (or actually has been) forever since I have blogged, but I love doing the currently with Oh' Boy 4th Grade so I will at least do that. I have been REALLY enjoying my first winter break as a teacher. I thought those four weeks off in college was amazing, but when you are a teacher, two weeks feels like a gift straight from Heaven... If only the bliss could last forever (I say this as I am doing the currently and blogging instead of my lesson plans....) Oh well. If it wasn't for the last minute I would never get anything done :).
Listening.... to The Pioneer Woman. Seriously. I am obsessed with all the thing cooking and food network, but I haven't been this obsessed with a cooking show since Giada. It's like she lives in a different world on her ranch in Wyoming.
Loving... winter break. Ah.... if only it could last forever..... secret: I kind of miss my fifth graders... just a little... Ok, so I'm pretty excited to back, but watching food network most of the day isn't the worst thing ever....  
Thinking... about lesson plans. Do I have to???
Wanting.... The Pioneer Women on DVD. Did I mention I have become obsessed with her lately. Even cooler... she got her start by blogging... If you're like me and can't wait to check that out, click here to go see her blog.
Needing... to blog more. I love it every time I do it, but yeah... about that... Maybe a new year resolution?
Tradition... my favorite tradition ever is that my family opens all our presents on Christmas Eve. This is the time where I get to hang out with just my siblings, parents, and husband before the craziness of Christmas with my huge Italian family. I love Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve is the (Not to mention, my mom always makes prime rib... yum... still thinking about it now....
Happy New Year Everyone!
I'm off to lesson plan (or instagram, facebook, blog stalk, pinterest, and then periodically add notes to my lesson plans when I find inspiration... hehe.
Mrs. Cahill


  1. Hi, just found you through Currently! Congrats on your first year of teaching. I havent' heard of The Pioneer Woman, but I faithfully watch Rachel Ray when I'm on breaks from school. As for prime rib, we just started that as a new tradition this year and cooked our very first prime rib on Christmas eve. It was delicious!

    The Bender Bunch

  2. I'm needing to do my plans too! :( I'm excited to see my kinders, but man break is wonderful!!!

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  3. Winter break is the best, isn't it! Makes me want to switch to the modified year round deal where you get 3 weeks off after every semester. Enjoy what's left of your break!
    Chalk & Apples