My 5th Graders are FUNNY. No seriously! They're hilarious

So I know kids are funny, but I have an unusually hilarious group of kids. They serioulsy make me laugh all the time. It makes it hard to stay mad at them :).

I have been dying to share some of the stuff they say so here are some of the gems I have heard/read.

"You need a better teacher's lounge. It's not very loungy."

"I found a book!.... And apparantly my pants are on backwards..."

"Yes! I'm finished! Darn it... There's always gotta be a back page..."

Here is a great response from one of my students from her science book scavenger hunt. Check out question 2. This kid isn't lying either!

The students had to write a descriptive story about their shoe so that someone else could find their shoe based on the description. One of my students asked, "So would I say my shoe and sock like to make-out all the time?"

One of my students made herself right at home by having her own desk organizer when she came in. She is very concerned about it at all times and this is the note she left for the "bad guys" during our lock down procedure practice:

While my students were making their towers in Tower Topple Team building one of the towers started to lean further and further one team member shouted, "It's gonna be the leaning tower of pizza (pisa), cuz it's leaning all right!"

And last, but certainly not least, I have these magnet clips that never stick so they always make their way to the floor. A couple of my boys found them and thought they were clip-on earrings :).

I will make sure to post more material as my kids come up with it because I feel like I could already write a book on this stuff!


Mrs. Cahill

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