I am Happy Happy Happy!

Hi teacher and cooking friends!

So I'm not gonna lie. I have been struggling with figuring out an effective way to do my math workshop. I basically had 384 suggestions and ideas for what to do, but everything I tried was driving me crazy. I knew I needed a way to individualize work for students, yet still have them working in groups so they could learn from each other. Easier said than done! 

I finally got an idea from another teacher of how to individualize the instruction, but I had been changing math workshop around so many times that I wasn't sure the kids could handle "Ok, we are going to try something different today" one more time. So this time I wanted wanted to make sure that what I did actually worked, was organized, and that (most importantly) the kids would actually get excited about math workshop.

So what was the answer? Duck Dynasty! Duh! Haha Ok so that wasn't exactly the answer to the math workshop portion of things, but it did work! My kids were soooo excited to learn about the Duck Dynasty Math Workshop board all day, that I barely had to teach them what to do by the time math workshop came around. The just followed the procedures layed out on the board.  Even better? They are actually learning! 

Here is a picture of our math worksop board:

Basically the kids each have a math workshop card with 5 different items on them. 
Then I can rank them in the order they have to complete the tasks. 
I just printed them out and laminated them so I can erase and change the order ranking as I need to.

The five tasks are 

1.) Bookwork/extra practice

2.) Common core math journal (Number and Operations in Base Ten in my tpt store now! Other standards coming soon.Click on the image to check it out!)

3.) A math game aligned to the lesson (center game/activity in my tpt store too! Click on the picture below!)

4.) Extension work 

5.) Khan academy. 

I am still able to split the class into manageable groups and they never say, "I'm done. What do I do now?" They just have to look at their workshop card, which is now called the Duck Dynasty board, N and get to work. They absolutely love math workshop now! Who knew that was all I needed to organize my math workshop?!

I hope to have many of the items above in my store soon so you can check them out if you think this might work in your classroom as well.

Happy teaching!


Mrs. Cahill

P.S. Here is a sneak peak of the bookmarks I made. My reader's workshop has been going great, but maybe a little Duck Dynasty will make it even better! 


  1. I love your Duck Dynasty workshop! Anytime you can incorporate something your kids are into, they are so much more engaged in the lesson! I haven't gotten brave enough to try math workshop yet. We only have 45 minutes, and I feel rushed as it is. Maybe once I flip, I will have time for workshop during math!

    1. Than you! And thank you for your sweet email. It feels like I have my own little support system on here. I am getting into a groove and loving 5th grade.

      And I can't believe you only have 45 minutes for math! I wouldn't even know what to do! You must be super woman.

      Thanks again for your sweet comments. It's always so nice to get them :).