Co-Teaching Part 4 of 5.... and a little carrot cake

Hey cooking and teaching friends,

I have just survived my first two weeks as a real-life teacher! Agh! But.... and oh yes.... there is a but... I have officially come down with a wonderful cold. I shouldn't be surprised considering I had four students absent this week... The good news is that I have a four-day weekend to try and recover, because this first-year teacher is NO WAY, NO HOW going to attempt to make sub-plans. So here is to the rest of my weekend.... 

Besides that wonderful cold, my first two weeks went pretty good and I am excited to be back for the fourth installment of co-teaching with Kelly Anne. 

This week is about how we made co-teaching count. I really feel like I can't take too much credit for this aspect of our co-teaching relationship, because Kelly did the bulk of this part (I am especially realizing this now that I am teaching without her- well physically at least.... she is still on my speed dial, so don't feel too bad for me). 

Anyways, after I was done student teaching first semester, I was offered a job that would allow me to continue working in the school (and with Kelly-whoop whoop!) At this point, Kelly made sure we were utilizing this set-up to the students' advantage. One of my favorite "interventions" we did was math groups. We (and by we, I mean Kelly explained it to me and I agreed) pulled data from their testing, class work, and anectodals, and grouped the students based on where they were as mathematicians. This didn't mean that we only worked with struggling mathematicians, we also worked with students who needed to be challenged. 

Kelly would teach the whole class math lesson and then students would go to work on extra practice and math games. After students had a chance to work in Math Workshop, I would pull math groups while Kelly was working with the rest of the class. I would take the group of students into the hall and teach them a new super-mini-lesson on a gap they may have in math or teach a new 6th or 7th grade concept to students who needed a challenge. Sometimes this meant practicing basic multiplication facts and sometimes this meant teaching a whole new concept to students. It was a great way for us to utilize the fact that we had two-teachers, my job as an "interventionist," and to fill gaps and/or challenge our 5th grade learners. 

I was able to learn about a whole different aspect of helping our students grow because of this set-up that Kelly created. And students growing?! Isn't that like the best thing ever! 

Now, don't forget to check out Kelly's blog AppleSlices. You will love her (I wouldn't lie to you, plus she is so adorable it's ridiculous!) And make sure to come back next week for our fifth (AND FINAL.... eeek) post on co-teaching.

And here is a little peek at the carrot cake (and the massive amount of ingredients it takes.... who knew?) I made this weekend. Not as easy as my mother makes it look, but the husband ate it anyway :).

Happy teaching and cooking!

Mrs. Cahill

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