Teacher Week Linky 2013 ~ Now Teach! Organizing for Instruction

Hi teacher friends,

I'm still linking up with Blog Hoppin' for their Teacher Week link up. Today's topic is about organizing and I think this is probably my favorite topic. I LOVE organization. I literally have a hard time thinking if stuff isn't organized. If I wasn't a teacher I would TOTALLY be a professional organizer. 

Being only a first year teacher, I'm definitely not an expert teacher yet, but I'm going to just throw it out there that I might be a expert organizer. Have I mentioned I love organizing? Haha. Ok, now that I have gone on and on about organization, let me show you how I do it.

1.) I label everything, even if it doesn't seem necessary. Kids might be able to see what bin the scissors are in, but with a system like this, there is never a question of where anything should go. 

It also is nice if everything can be typed and/or put on cute matching papers. I mean you can have the greatest handwriting in the world, but taking the time to type it up always turns out so much better for me. 

I labeled all of my supplies. 

I especially label things like math games that are printed and created because they don't have a box like mass-produced games do. I lucked out by having this amazing storage solution in my classroom, and it made it sooooo easy to organize my games, but there are multiple storage solutions that would work as long as you labeled them. 

2.) I've learned how valuable it is to have a numbering system for your students. Each student is assigned a number that corresponds to their names in alphabetical order. 

It's hard to see it in this picture, but those little blue and grey things on the mailboxes are binder-clips with student numbers on each. This will make it easy to change out each year and it looks organized! Pinterest I adore you.... 
On that same note, having a student mailbox area is another brilliant organization trick I learned from my mentor teacher. It saves so much time in your day because you don't spend it passing out papers. Even better, make it a student job. 

3.) Use what works for you. Ok, so I actually got this idea from Kelly Anne.... but it works for me too. Having binders for everything is amazing. I have a binder for spelling groups, reading groups, reading assessments, math assessments, grades, standard based anectodal records.... everything. We both loved having different colored ones because we could tell them apart and just grab them when we needed them. Plus.... agghhh... they are just so cute. Seriously Target? Why do you do this to me?

All of my binders are labeled as well based on an idea I got off of Pinterest. I found some metal thingies (I have no idea what you would call them) and just hot glued those little suckers on. I love it because I can change out the labels as needed. 

I made sure to label my students' binders too! I have a slight Harry Potter theme going on and these are my banker notebooks. 

4.) Bonus tip! Buy a laminator! Ok, so this isn't a necessity but I am obsessed. I want to laminate everything! I convinced my first grade buddy though. Last I heard she was at Wal-Mart getting one with her last text saying (and I quote) "I'm so exctied!" haha. Luv ya Jen!

5.) Bonus tip again! Get an Erin Condren Teacher Planner. Check out my previous post or just click here and check out her site yourself. It's pretty much life changing. 

Well, this hungry teacher is tired.... and I have my first EVER open house tomorrow night so I should probably get on that :).

Happy Teaching and Cooking!

Mrs. Cahill

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