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Hi friends,

Agghhh! It's already Tuesday night of my first year of teacher in-service week. I did some major work today to have my room cleaned up enough to take pictures for this post (seriously). It has been a wreck all week, but that's probably because I (and every other teacher in my school) has a million ideas running through my brain.... and of course I have to start every single one the second I think of it! 

Anyways, here are some pictures of my classroom so far (I think Kelly Anne has been waiting all summer for this). So here you all (and Kelly~ Luv ya Kelly) go :).

These are some before pictures.... haha.... yeah I know. 

 Here is my Harry Potter job chart.... or half of it, at least. What? I'm going to be these kids to work!
You can get these magical jobs in my store by clicking here! Freebie Alert! What are you waiting for? 

I covered this cute little circle table with my leftover fabric. And I totally just hot glued that stuff on. Yep... that just happened. 

This is the first thing you see when you walk in my room. Right now it's my calendar/announcement area. I got my cute little robot calendar at a local teacher store here. One of my first grade peeps was totally eying it. Don't worry though.... I told her where to get it. Oh! I almost forgot.... more chevron and polka dots!

 Here is my little (ok kind of big.... shout out to Kelly Anne for 1/2.... ok, ok, ok 3/4 of the books) classroom library. I covered every little piece of brownish/reddish bookshelf with green and blue construction paper (I call it resourcefulness). It looks way prettier than before.... just trust me on this one. Shout out to the Mr. for the extra built in shelves (I didn't even have to bribe.... jk.... yeah I did). 

This is the view from my teacher horseshoe table. Isn't it magical?

  This has kind of become the document camera using, teacher supply holding, (totally hot glued that fabric too) everything I touch is gonna be laminating (yeah... I went out and bought a laminator), catch all the extra supplies center.....

...but the back wall is going to be my morning math wall. Fingers crossed that I don't forget about it :).

My Harry Potter desk tags. Aggh so cute. There are a freebie in my store and you can get them by clicking here. I just printed them out, pasted them on construction paper, laminated (with my very own laminator.... seriously people, best investment ever), and cut them out. There will be more Harry Potter stuff in my classroom so come back and check it out my dear Potterheads. 

Did I ever mention that I'm a (super) freak about organization? Well.... speaking of, I labeled everything in my classroom. Yep, that just happened too. I just made the labels and pasted them on some cute chevron and striped paper I got from Hobby Lobby. I love all the cute classroom decorations out there, but it turns out that schools don't absolutely love all the color printing on those bundles... so I improvised. 

 All my math games labeled and ready to go!

 More math games, supplies, and....... LABELS!

 My attendance chart.... yeah still working on that one haha. 

More labels.... but they are just so cute... and labelly (that's a word). 

And here are some pics of the whole classroom. Such a difference from the before pictures. Praise the Lord!

Another view from my desk.

Just a sneak peak of my open house stuff....

That's all for tonight. Make sure to check out Kelly Anne's blog because she has some really fun pictures from this classroom last year. All right, all right, all right... you pulled my arm... just click here. Too easy I tell ya.... Might as well just do it.


Mrs. Cahill

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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL! I love it :) 5 days until you have your super awesome kiddos in there!!!