Part 1 of 5: How to Be a Co-Teacher

So if you read my blog, you know that I occasionally (ok, all the time) bring up the wonderful Kelly Anne. She was my mentor teacher (and now one of my best friends) and we had the most amazing student teaching experience that turned into sooooo much more than your typical student teacher/mentor relationship. From day one, Kelly treated me as her co-teacher and that is exactly what our experience turned into..... a co-teaching one. We learned how amazing a co-teaching experience can be and we want to share that experience with you all. Even better, we are doing a series on it. Yep. Five WHOLE posts on co-teaching. Kelly and I are so excited (and slightly emotional) about this series and I hope you all enjoy reading our pieces as much as we enjoyed experiencing it!

Below is Kelly's perspective for the first part of our experience. And ABSOLUTELY make sure to head over to her blog Apple Slices to read my perspective on the experience.

Isn't she amazing? I was pretty much the luckiest student teacher in the history of all student teachers.

Make sure to stop by the rest of the week to check out my posts about decorating my new classroom (it's Kelly's old classroom... yay!.... but no Kelly.... waaahhhh). And I might even post a couple recipes this week. And DEFINITELY check back the next four Sundays to read the rest of our series!

Did I mention you should check out Kelly's blog? I'll make it super and ridiculously easy. Just click here :).

Happy Sunday!



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