My Erin Condren Teacher Planner!

Hi friends,

For as long as I can remember I have been ridiculously obsessed with finding the perfect planner. Sometimes I would go through two or three a year because I would find a new one (usually at Target) that I had to have. Well, that all changed last year when my always amazing mentor teacher ( told me about Erin Condren....

I don't know how many of you out there have heard of Erin Condren, but if you haven't, go to right now! She has the best teacher planners ever. And you can customize and stylize them in so many different ways. I ordered mine back in May because they were having a teacher appreciation sale... and I honestly couldn't wait a second longer. I also got the matching notepads that you can add to your order and then I ordered even MORE notepads! Agh! I'm obsessed! 

Here is a picture of the front cover of the teacher planner that I chose. I was so excited to put my school's name on it. Eeek! My first year of teaching is getting so close!

They added tabs to all of the planners this year. 

The front of the teacher planners have important dates to remember throughout the year. 

Here is an absent log that you could use to record student absences. I used mine for an extra checklist. 

This is a great graph to use to draw out your seating-chart. So cute and useful!

This Year at a Glance calendar is great for long-term planning. 

There are monthly calendars for important dates each month. I think I will use mine for meetings, conferences, field trips, etc. 

And the best part... The weekly pages for lesson planning. I have been working on outlining my first week of school already. I know it will probably change, and I'm note even entirely sure of my schedule yet, but I seriously couldn't help myself! 

There are also student checklists pages. It could be used for a grade book, but towards the end of the year my mentor teacher started using it to keep track of permission slips and papers that we needed returned and it was perfect for this purpose.  

I take random notes on these pages all the time. 

There are also these great stickers (per-filled and some for you to fill in yourself). There are stickers for assemblies, IEP meetings, duty, staff meetings, furlough days, holidays, reminders, benchmark, testing, conferences, library, field trip, and then blank stickers. 

 The cute Keep it Together folder at the end is great for stuffing papers into when there is just no place else to put them :). 

These are the matching notepads I ordered and I already use them for everything. 

And finally, these are the extra notepad that I HAD to have. Aren't they just so teachery? :) 

I just had to share. I hope you enjoyed!