Frog and Worm Dissections

Ok, so.......... I'm super duper late on posting about the dissections we did in 5th grade this year, but I have these legitimately awesome pictures that I HAD to share with you all!

 The kids working hard on dissecting their worms. They are so focused on those worms!

 If you look closely you can see all the hearts inside the worm. The kids did a great job of not ruining their organs. 

 And now.... the frogs. The frogs were a really amazing learning experience. You should have seen these kids discovering and identifying all the different organs inside these little guys. 

Soem of our students will able to take their stomachs out and then open their stomach to see the villi. 

 One of our students, who thinks he wants to be a doctor, started to go inside of the frogs legs to get a better look at its leg muscles. 

Some of our students discovered that there were still some food contents inside the frogs' stomachs. These students found some flies inside one frog's stomach. 

My adorable and amazing mentor teacher (well, and best friend :) just holding a bag of frogs :) 

 The frogs before we dissected them,

I hope you enjoyed our dissections as much as we did!

Love, Martina

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