Division Scavenger Hunt In Summer School

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I created a Division Scavenger Hunt Game after reading an article about how boys need a whole different kind of learning environment to be successful. Here is a link to the article if you are interested:

Anyways, it basically goes into how boys really need to keep moving and how competitions aren’t such a bad idea either. While teaching summer school I had 9 boys and 2 girls so I have been working hard to keep them interested and this idea came to mind and the kids loved it. 

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I created clues that were relevant to my school but I left it in a powerpoint format so you can edit as needed:

I set it up so the students get a clue from me each time they solve a division problem, that way I can check their work.

For example, I will give them the clue that leads them to the cafeteria and they will find a division problem there.

Then they have to solve their problem with their partners or groups. Once they solve it, they come back to me, I check their work, and then give them the next clue.

The next clue will then lead them to the next room with the next division problem and the pattern continues until the final clue leads them back to me where they have to solve their final challenge problem and/or work on some other division activity until all groups finish. 

Here are some pictures of my 5th and 6th grade summer school students playing my Division Scavenger Hunt:

The clue in the computer lab. Most of the clues are matched up with problems that have to do with that particular room in the school. The clue on the principals office was about the him giving them 8 scoops of ice cream each and they about convinced him to do it too! 
 Trying to figure out which Harry Potter book the clue is hidden in. It was good practice using the library too!

Figuring out the division problem. 

The second group looking for clues in the library. 

 Trying to figure out the the division problem and clues in the cafeteria. 

We had a lot of fun running around the school figuring out clues and solving division problems. I even had one boy (who usually isn't a fan of anything involving the word division) shout out, "This is awesome. I love division like this!" My principal thought it was great that our kids in summer school got to move around while doing some math too.

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