Mariah Graduated!

My sister, Mariah, just graduated this weekend. I had a blast going to Boulder and hanging out with her all weekend.

I left Grand Junction Wednesday night because my amazing sister had 3 graduations, starting at 7:00 am on Thursday. You read that right. 7am. Good thing I love her.

Her first graduation was for her Presidents Leadership Class. She was accepted to this very competitive program with about 30 other students. All these students do some amazing things while they are in the program, but they do even more amazing things when they are out of the program. My sister is no exception. She's is planning on going to grad school to become a doctor of physical therapy next year. Here are some pictures of her PLC graduation. She is so cute!

We got to hang out the rest of the day and we went to a super yummy breakfast place called Snooze and had a great breakfast with delicious mimosas. Mariah had never had one and she loved it!

We went shopping the rest of the day and went and saw Iron Man 3. Such a fun day in Boulder. 

Her next graduation was on Friday morning and it was the big one. And I mean BIG! It took about an hour for all the students to walk in during the student processional. It was an awesome graduation at Folsum Field at the CU-Boulder campus and the speaker was Julie Andrews (Yes, MARY POPPINS herself)! Her speech was awesome.

I didn't get to go to her last graduation because it was Friday afternoon and I had to get back for my husbands end of busy season (he's an auditor at an accounting firm) banquet here in Junction. Yay for the end of busy season! Anyways, I did get to go to a little bit of it so I could say hi to my grandparents and mom before I left. Her last graduation was her integrated physiology graduation and each student had a message for their families and I was able to get a picture of that and it was so sweet.

Such a fun weekend! And, next weekend is our party in Salida. I can't wait!

Hope you all have a good rest of the week!


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