Beautiful Weekend In Grand Junction

Fresh after coming home from Boulder last weekend, Richie and I had an awesome weekend back home.

We started Friday night off my going to his end of busy season banquet at a the Bookcliff Golf Club. They served super yummy prime rib and creme brûlée. So good!

On Saturday we were finally able to just hang out and watch Law and Order all day it was great.

But the best day was Sunday... It was a beautiful spring day in Grand Junction and we were able to some wonderful spring time things. We went to the gym and then went to Kannah Creek Brewing Company, had some delicious salad, and ate out on the patio. It was soooo beautiful on Sunday!

Next, we finally got to get flowers at Lowes. I love when it's finally the time of year that I get flowers. They turned out really pretty when I was finally done planting them. Ok, so they aren't perfect, but you should have seen the ones I did last year :). It's a vast improvement... Trust me!

I love it! Such a great weekend. 

Now I'm working on lesson plans. We are dissecting frogs and worms this week. Yikes! So I'm trying to lesson pan and mentally prepare for this task ahead of me.... And you are all super lucky, because I will definitely be posting pictures of that!

Have a good weekend!


I Graduated!

Hi all,

I'm so excited because last weekend I graduated!

Ok, ok, ok... I actually graduated 6 months ago in December when I finished student teaching, but I was so excited to go back to Pueblo and see all my friends. It's been awhile since we haven't been back to Pueblo since I finished my semester before student teaching in May of 2012. It's a six hour drive! Yuck. But my lovely husband drove the long distance just for me so I could walk in the ceremony and my parents, siblings, and grandparents made the trek from Salida.... and it was soooo worth it. I had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from our awesome weekend in Pueblo, Colorado.

We got there on Friday night and ate at one of our favorite restaurants in Pueblo, Bingo Burger. Yum!

I also picked up my cap and gown and my sweet husband bought me some CSU-Pueblo gear from the book store. So spoiled...
Saturday was the actual ceremony. It was really awesome because I got to spend the whole time with my friends Chelsea and Gerson. Chelsea was graduating from nursing school this semester and just got an awesome job in Texas. Fun fact about Chelsea (she's gonna kill me).... She is from North Pole, Alaska! Gerson graduated from the Automotive Industry Management Program. Fun fact about Gerson: He was my resident (and probably craziest resident I ever had) as my first year as a resident assistant in the dorms. I love them!

Here is a cute picture my mom got of me:

And here is a super cute one of Richie and I :)

And, finally we went to my favorite restaurant ever.... NACHOS! So good!
Here are some cute pics of my family and I at the restaurant. 

And lastly, my awesome husband got be cake from Hopscotch Bakery in Pueblo. It was white cake with buttercream frosting and yummy raspberry filling. 

Well, my sister graduates from the University of Colorado at Boulder next weekend and Julie Andrews (yes, MARY POPPINS herself) is the speaker. AND, we are having a joint graduation party the next weekend in Salida so I will have pics of that soon.

Have a great week!