Science AND Learning AND Art.... OH MY!

When I was little and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to always say "an artist." I don't think I really knew what I meant by that, and I obviously have chosen a different career path (although teaching is an art form of its own), but I still have a deep appreciation of the arts.

That was the inspiration for my third quarter science assessment in our fifth grade classroom. I wanted the students to show me something amazing they have learned in science, but I also wanted them to show me by utilizing what they have learned in art this year. After they are all done with their projects they are going to reflect on what they have learned in science, what they have learned in art, and why they chose to do the project they selected.

Their projects aren't quite finished yet, but I wanted you all to see some of their projects while they were in the process of creating them because they are doing such an awesome job. Sometimes this kids just blow my mind. 

Some of ours students are making models of some of the systems in the body. This is awesome because studying models is one of the standards for 5th grade science standards in Colorado. (We didn't even tell them that). They are just so smart.... but maybe I am biased.... :).

A few of our girls decided to do a few different things with balloons and paper mache. One group of girls is creating the whole solar system out of balloons and paper mache (crazy, I know) but they are doing a great job!

Another group of girls is creating a paper mache eyeball. I even saw them putting some clay inside of it to serve as the lens in the eye.

These two girls are creating blood plasma. They are putting clear glue in a jar and then making red blood cells out of clay. It looks soooo good already. I was amazed at their red blood cells. They are so accurate.

One pair of students is working on creating DNA double helixes using materials we had in our classroom. They are even using the anchor chart we created during a science lesson! I love when that happens.

This group of boys is making a presentation with models to represent many of the different things that our body is made of. They have been begging me to present their finished project because they are so excited with how it has come out. I can't wait to see the finished projects either :)

That's just a sneak peak of our science/art projects. The finished projects are coming super soon! 

Have a great night!

-Martina (The Hungry Teacher)

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